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About Us

 Meldrum and Hilary Robertson are your hosts.  We originally hail from Scotland but have lived in this neck of the woods for nearly thirty years.  Our three daughters grew up here, and although they all have their own homes and families now, they  are often back to visit.

Our extended family includes our two dogs, four horses,  a dozen or so chickens, and one barn cat.



The five of us, taking a break in the mow. 

Jackson and Maisie


Jackson Brodie is a Border Collie, and Maisie is an English Springer.  Good pals.

Dancer under the new roof.jpeg



Dancer is our big guy. 17.1 hh of TB x Canadian, chilling on the horse verandah.  



Our youngest dog, another Border Collie because who doesn't need more Border Collies?




Our smallest equine, Galahad is a Paso Fino.

The Ednas


They roam the precincts and sometimes visit the veranda.



Our newest resident, a young Kentucky Mountain horse.

IMG_1888 2.jpg

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